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In reality, Mac battery health in some ways affects the health of their user though it’s a bit funny to sound. Battery life affects the health because whenever the battery dies, it’s never at a convenient time. For example, imagine that the MacBook user has been working day and night on one single lengthy presentation, and finally, the day has arrived for shining, but then suddenly the user sees the blank screen and then keeps asking for power cable from others.

So, how about we help the MacBook users to make their MacBook battery last longer and to help them avoid something like what has been stated above.

Saving Battery Life on Mac-

Many tips and tricks can improve the battery life of the user on their Mac as long as their Mac Battery isn’t on its last stage. Some of the tips which will help them out are given below so look at it carefully.

  1. Turning On Battery Percentage-

• Before starting improving the battery performance, it would be much more helpful for the user if they can see their battery charge level to get a better idea of their Mac battery performance. Remember that having shown the battery percentage visible on their menu bar will also make it easier to identify in actual when their battery starts to drain.

• Firstly turn on the battery percentage then click on the battery icon in the menu bar and after that select Show Percentage.

  • Update Software –

• Mac user should always ensure that theyare using the latest version of macOS as Apple software updates mostly consists of upgraded energy-saving technologies. The newest software release can mean the difference between watching an exciting show on the commute and a blank screen because of a dead battery.

• Update your software simply by just clicking on the Apple icon and then by selecting Software Update.

  • Cleaning The System-

•Optimizing the Mac will not only put less strain on it but also consequently burn up less battery power.

•Here is where the user should go to ‘CleanMyMac X’ and then launch the Maintenance Scripts and after that allow CleanMyMac automatically optimize the system for excellent performance and improved Mac battery health.

  • Turning Off Bluetooth And Wi-Fi-

• If by chance the MacBook user is travelling then there are chances that they aren’t able to listen to the music from their Bluetooth speakers. There is also a chance that the user doesn’t require Wi-Fi or be able to connect to Wi-Fi, in these cases, turning it off shall give a good boost to the battery life.

• On your Mac, to turn off Wi-Fi, the user needs to click on Airport in the menu bar and then select on Wi-Fi off.And to turn off Bluetooth, they need to click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and then need to click on Bluetooth off. Hope, this blog would have been helpful to you.

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